To Belong… A Poem

You deserve a safe space to be you; all of you

adoyo molla
1 min readMay 30, 2023
Photo by Amer Mughawish on Unsplash

It’s fascinating

The deep desire to love and be loved

The need to be accepted;

Nay, to belong.

The hope to find your tribe,

People who you never have to

Question anything about you,

When you are around them.


It’s also scary.

To find this love and acceptance,

And belonging, and your tribe,

Requires you to be open;

To be vulnerable.

To be willing to let them in;

Show them the scars,

That hurt so bad,

You’d rather forget.

Introduce them to the quirks,

The weird little things that make you, you.

For there’s no real connection

Without vulnerability.

And there’s no vulnerability,

Without the risk of a heartbreak

Or rejection.

But it is worth it.

The joy of being fully seen,

heard, and accepted.

The gift of being safe with another;

It’s all worth the risk.

Because whether we accept it or not,

To be seen and understood,

To be loved and accepted,

Are basic human needs.

Take the risk,

Find your person and tribe.

It’s one way to find happiness.


Adoyo Molla



adoyo molla

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