Women’s Bodies Are Not A One-Size-For-All

My Small Breasts Story in Response to June Kirri

adoyo molla


Thank you for the transparency and openness. A reminder that women and our bodies are not a monolith. We come in different shapes and sizes and as long as you're healthy, which should be the number 1 concern, you are good.

I feel like I could tell the tale of my tiny breasts in response to this. LOL. I blame it on the education system and how they introduce puberty to girls. "Your breasts and hips will enlarge."

What if they don't? Is there a spectrum?

Since my breasts didn't enlarge, I started thinking something was wrong with me. It made me very self-aware. Never mind that I am naturally petite. But that's what the teacher said so it had to be me with a problem.

I remember mentioning this to my sister and she was like, "But I don't have a big bust, and neither does Mum. So where are you expecting this big bust from?" I mean, genes, right? They also play a part.

When I started dating, I would always bring them up. "I hope you don't mind small boobs." Like what? Because after the Biology teacher came the media that seemed to "applaud" big boobs. Well, none of my boyfriends had an issue with them.

And then you go bra shopping and there's this whole range. And I was just like, "Why can't we be more careful and intentional with our education system and how we present things to kids?" It would have saved me years of body dysmorphia.

I know society makes us feel like we exist for the pleasure of others. I hope we can learn and get comfortable as women, to first belong to ourselves. And know that when all is said and done, our health matters more and we have the time, then maybe we can concern ourselves with how palatable we are to everyone else.

A girl can wish...



adoyo molla

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