How Do You Handle Fear?

A short lesson from the disciples, Jesus napping and a storm.

adoyo molla
2 min readFeb 1, 2023

Fear will make you question even the things you know without a doubt to be true. (Like the disciples questioning of Jesus cared. Of course, Jesus cared.)

Fear is not your friend.

The disciples asking if Jesus didn’t care about them was fear speaking. Jesus slept through the storm because fear does not exist in His vocabulary. He knew He had it under control.

Even with this accusation - that He apparently didn’t care that they were about to die — because He understood it was not about Him but the fear of the disciples, He didn’t catch feelings.

He woke up and ordered the storm to be still. Then,he questioned the disciples' fear.

Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?

Two Take-Aways from the Disciples Reaction:

1. When you know who you are, what others think or say about you holds no water. Jesus was not fazed by the disciples claiming He didn’t care.

2. Always check your heart to know what the feeling behind your reaction is. I think if we took a beat often, and we were honest, most disagreements and arguments would be avoided. Because we’d realise that we are just afraid of something and once we can be honest about that, the other person’s response will definitely be different.

Do you remember a time you acted out of fear? How could that interaction have been different if you would have just said, “I’m afraid of …” instead of accusing someone?


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